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Globalizing Cardiac Care

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What We Do

At WORLD HEART CAREGIVERS, our activities include adult and pediatric cardiac surgery and cardiology, teaching, and research. While introducing complex treatment services, the organization focuses simultaneously on prevention of cardiac disease and on the development of academic programs for teaching and research.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, the organization is made up of international medical and paramedical volunteers. Funding for the activities of WORLD HEART CAREGIVERS is through charitable donations and from local Governments and Organizations.

Our Services

  • Establish Self-Sustaining Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Services
  • Develop Cardiac Surgery Training Programs
  • Develop Interventional Pediatric and Adult Cardiology Services
  • Develop Diagnostic Cardiac Imaging
  • Establish Clinical and Interventional Pediatric and Adult Cardiology Services
  • Develop Research Programs in Cardiac Sciences
  • Develop Supporting Services and Renal Services (Dialysis and Renal Transplantation)
  • Develop Prevention Programs for Cardiovascular Disease

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