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At WORLD HEART CAREGIVERS, our activities include adult and pediatric cardiac surgery and cardiology, teaching, and research. While introducing complex treatment services.

Develop Cardiac Surgery
Training Programs

Our surgeons are committed to building sustainable cardiac programs at local sites. They are dedicated to teaching both inside and outside of the operating room. Trainees are taught to attain the same stand of expertise as in North America and Europe. Training is supplemented when necessary with experience abroad in the in collaborating centres. Our surgeons provide training in conventional and minimally invasive cardiac surgery. and have participated in establishing services around the world including Central and South America, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Our operating room nurses work closely with local colleague to provide hands on training as well as theoretical training using manuals and reference materials.

Our Intensive care nurses work alongside local teams  sharing and exchanging knowledge and expertise. In addition manuals and guidance is tailored to the local needs and requirements.

Local perfusionists are train hands on and theoretically. When necessary, we work with our local centres to provide training and expertise abroad in collaborating centres.

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Develop Interventional Pediatric
& Adult Cardiology Services

Our cardiologists work in partnership with local colleagues to establish new interventional cardiology services or contribute in partnership to existing services. This pertains to both adult and paediatric services.Through an exchange of knowledge, the aim is to achieve a level of expertise that is similar to that of a first class interventional service anywhere in the world. In cases where equipment is not available, our team work hand in hand with our local partners to procure needed equipment.

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Establish Self-Sustaining Adult
& Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Services

Our Surgeons share their expertise with local colleagues in conventional and advanced surgical procedures, including minimally invasive cardiac surgery. When new colleagues are being trained, our training is based on universally accepted levels of surgical competence, including in Europe and North America. To ensure and guide the success of local programs we continuously evaluate and analyse surgical outcomes and financial costs as programs progress.

Anaesthesia and  anaesthesia tech training are provided on site and supplemented by training abroad when necessary. Our anesthetists partner with local colleagues to achieve state of the art cardiac anesthesia including training in intra operative  esophageal ultrasound (TEE).

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Develop Diagnostic Cardiac

We help develop and establish multimodality cardiac imaging, including Cardiac MRI, CT, CTA and Cardiac viability imaging. Our surgeons and cardiologists work closely with local teams in this process and in the acquisition of necessary equipment.

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Establish Clinical & Interventional
Pediatric & Adult Cardiology Services

To ensure the highest level of pre and post operative care, our Nurse Practitioners, Nursers and Physicians work with local colleagues at out patient clinics and wards .

Central to our approach is patient and Family Centred Care.

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Develop Research Programs
in Cardiac Sciences

World Heart Caregivers , hold research central to,  and essential for sustainability. We collaborate with the local site and local Academic Institutions to establish, basic, translational and clinical research programs for every project.

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