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President Jagdeo of Guyana at the initiation of our Guyana project

About us

Bo​ard of Directors: 

Chairman:  Kishan Narine​

President: Guido Van Nooten

Vice President:  Steve Menzies

Secretary:  Claudia Woolner

Treasurer: Julian Dawson

Member: Nirvani Umadat


Manager and Coordinator: Hanne David


Adult Cardiology: Carla Perez

Adult Cardiac Surgery: Kishan Narine

Anaesthesia: Stefaan Bouchez

Anaesthetic Tech: Barb Presch

Cardiac Perfusion: Dale Wist

Clinical Engineering:Adrian Rewus

Intensive Care Services: Kari France

Leadership Development: Vic Maraj

Nursing Services: Leisha Naphin

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery: Guido Van Nooten

Pediatric Cardiology:Daniel DeWolf

Projects Facilitator: Rosario Talavera

Research Coordinator: Connor Maxey


 Legal Representative and Spokesperson

Claudia Woolner


















Mission Statement

Sustainability is key to the operations of World Heart Care Givers. We work together with local Governments, educational institutions and organizations to meet the immediate needs and to establish self-sustaining services.

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